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April 2016 Archives

Felony charges: Florida teen accused of arson

When a teenager is accused of being involved in a serious crime, there may be concern for the well-being of the juvenile as well as for how the legal case should be handled. The parents of an individual facing felony charges may wish to determine the best routes for their child in hopes of working toward the best possible outcomes. The parents of one Florida teen may soon be exploring their options for such a situation.

Drug charges filed against 2 men in Florida

Criminal investigations can sometimes span months or even years before authorities act on suspicions of illegal activity. Unfortunately for two men in Florida, an investigation recently led to their arrests on drug charges. Reports stated that authorities allegedly discovered that narcotics were being sold from a residence where the two men were, but it was not clear how police came to suspect this activity.

Florida woman accused of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious allegation that sometimes results when a disagreement at home gets out of hand. Because these situations can vary in severity, an accused individual could be at risk of differing levels of consequences if they are convicted of charges. As a result, individuals accused of having been involved in a domestic violence incident will want to focus on the best manner in which to handle their cases.

Drug charges leveled against man after search of Florida home

One man in Florida may be hoping to find out more information regarding his legal predicament after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man is facing drug charges after police performed a search of the man's home. Authorities had apparently received complaints pertaining to drug sales at the residence. It was unclear how many complaints were received or whether evidence was provided to substantiate the claims.

Felony charges leveled against Florida man after incident

An unusual incident recently happened in Florida. As a result, one man is currently facing felony charges. Reports stated that the situation began when a maintenance worker at a church had brought his weapon to the church while doing repairs after dark. The doors to the church had reportedly been damaged earlier in the day because of an apparent attempted break-in. When the worker went back to fix the doors, he felt unsafe and decided to take a concealed weapon.

Drug charges filed against former Florida police officer

Individuals from any walk of life may find themselves in a situation that involves them being accused of a crime. As a result, these individuals will likely face legal proceedings relating to the specific conditions of the allegations that have been brought against them. If individuals are facing drug charges, they may wish to find out how they can prepare for their cases.

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