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May 2016 Archives

Florida man charged with numerous felonies after police shootout

An entire Florida neighborhood was thrown into chaos recently when a man barricaded himself in his house and began firing at police. Nearly 40 homes were evacuated, and traffic was diverted as police and a SWAT team attempted to capture the man who was suspected of numerous felonies. The man was eventually arrested and is now facing an uncertain future.

Florida police catch 13 in shoplifting net

Police intend to send a message to potential thieves that crime will not be tolerated. This was one goal of a large operation which combined the efforts of Florida law enforcement with local retailers. Focusing on so-called hot spots, police arrested 13 people for allegedly shoplifting and other crimes. Many of those in custody are local, but some are from other states.

Florida teens accused of serious juvenile crimes

Getting caught up in a negative situation can often lead to unfortunate circumstances. Individuals accused of juvenile crimes could find themselves facing serious allegations and potential jail time if they are convicted of charges brought against them. Three teens in Florida are currently facing such a predicament after being charged with carjacking and robbery.

Domestic violence, other charges leveled against man in Florida

Going into legal proceedings may seem daunting for individuals who may not know what to expect. As a result, individuals accused of domestic violence or other alleged criminal activity may become more anxious as they await their court dates. However, if individuals would like to potentially lessen these feelings of stress and anxiety, they may want to explore legal options.

Florida men taken into custody on theft charges

Three individuals recently taken into custody in Florida may soon be exploring their legal options. Reports stated that the men were accused of having involvement in a theft ring revolving around iPhones. Each man is facing his own set of charges, and as a result, the men will likely want to determine which legal routes may be best for themselves.

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