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Juvenile lifers might be resentenced

In Florida, some juveniles who are charged with serious crimes are tried as adults. In some cases, juveniles have been sentenced to life sentences without the possibility of parole. The federal government has reviewed tough sentencing of juveniles and has made some changes following two Supreme Court decisions. This means that juveniles who have received life without parole sentences may request that those sentences be reviewed.

Alternative to adjudication through pretrial program

Minors in Florida who are charged with certain types of felony offenses may be eligible to enter into a special pretrial intervention program in lieu of adjudication. The program may offer a way for juveniles to avoid adjudication on their charges while also allowing them to get the help that they need.

State looking to expand diversion program for juveniles

The Florida state legislature is considering two different ideas that could potentially help keep juveniles who make mistakes from getting into legal trouble. Both of the bills would help minors who commit their first misdemeanor crime by getting them into diversion programs.

Police charge 3 juveniles in case involving teen's death

According to news sources, three teens have been taken into custody in relation to the death of a 15-year-old Florida boy. The boy was reportedly found lying on the ground in a park in Winter Park, Florida on Oct. 15 with few signs of trauma.

What happens when a minor breaks the law

When a child under the age of 18 violates the law in Florida, the juvenile court system will usually handle their case. A minor may be sent to a detention center immediately after being taken into custody by a police officer, or the minor may be released to their parents. In some cases, juveniles are placed on home detention.

How does Florida law view shoplifting? - II

In our last post, we discussed how summertime boredom can bring kids of all ages to area big box stores and shopping malls in search of something to do. We also discussed how this can be problematic, as these young people, perhaps eager for a thrill, can sometimes pressure one another into shoplifting items of little or considerable value.

How does Florida law view shoplifting?

While kids of all ages -- from elementary school students to high school students -- can't wait for summer vacation to begin, this enthusiasm can quickly start to wane as the long days leave many with nothing to do. Indeed, many end up heading to local malls or big box retailers in search of a cure for their boredom, yet end up doing nothing more than wandering about aimlessly.

Viral post of juvenile crimes leads to arrests in Florida

Peer pressure may make teens do unthinkable things. Such was the case when a group of Florida girls got together for some fun but ended up facing charges of felony animal cruelty. The recent practice of posting juvenile crimes on social media led to the arrests when a video of their actions was downloaded and shared over 800 times.

Florida teens accused of serious juvenile crimes

Getting caught up in a negative situation can often lead to unfortunate circumstances. Individuals accused of juvenile crimes could find themselves facing serious allegations and potential jail time if they are convicted of charges brought against them. Three teens in Florida are currently facing such a predicament after being charged with carjacking and robbery.

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