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Women accused of drugging, robbing men in South Florida

The Broward County Sheriff's Office says that four women have been meeting men in South Florida bars, drugging them and stealing their valuables. According to authorities, one of the women would meet the victim in a bar and flirt with him. She would allegedly go home with him, where she would slip a drug in his drink. Once he was unconscious, she would allegedly steal expensive personal items and take off before the victim woke up. On at least one occasion, the alleged victim says he was robbed by two women working together.

One of the four alleged thieves turned herself in after extensive media coverage of the case. The other three were still at large at the time this post was prepared, and authorities have obtained arrest warrants for them. They have been charged with one count of grand theft each.

So far, police say they are aware of four victims, although they believe there may be more who are too embarrassed to report the incidents. They also say they believe there are additional women involved, who are not yet identified.

Theft charges have serious consequences in Florida. In a case like this, defense counsel will have to chip away at the prosecution's case. For example, the prosecution claims that the women stole the men's valuables while the men were unconscious. Whether they were unconscious from a drug slipped in their drinks, or just from too many drinks, may be an issue. In addition, the prosecution is alleging the thefts took place while the men were unconscious, meaning the authorities have no witnesses who actually saw the alleged thefts take place.

If the prosecution evidence appears strong, a defense lawyer will often try to negotiate a plea agreement for a reduction of the charges. In that event, the agreement may include an agreement to cooperate by testifying against other defendants.

Source:, "'Foxy thieves' accused of drugging men, stealing their valuables," June 28, 2013

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