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Man arrested in 2010 Broward County murder

For those facing a murder charge in Florida, the stakes could not be higher. A Miami man was recently arrested for murder and faces the possibility of many years in prison if he is convicted. He was arrested earlier this month for the death of an Alexandria, Virginia businessman in 2010.

According to police, the victim was stabbed to death in September 2010 in his beachside home in Pompano Beach. This month, police arrested a 26-year-old dancer and pornographic movie actor and charged him with second-degree murder. Police say they believe the victim met the accused the weekend of the victim's death, possibly in a gay bar. They theorize that the two went to the victim's home, where there was a violent altercation that ended in the stabbing. Authorities say they believe the two may have argued about money.

The accused was charged after he was arrested on an unrelated charge in June. He was not convicted, but the arrest led to another arrest for a parole violation in St. Lucie County. At that point authorities took a DNA sample, which they claim matches DNA from the murder scene.

All felony charges are serious but murder is the most serious charge a person can face. Prosecutors take these cases very seriously and will put a lot of resources into their effort to get a conviction. They will call expert witnesses to testify to the alleged DNA match. They will typically have a thorough police investigation to rely on and will use police resources to locate and interview potential witnesses.

The accused needs to match these resources by retaining experienced defense counsel, who will conduct an independent investigation to question the conclusions of the authorities. The accused's attorney will need to locate and interview expert witnesses who might cast some doubt on the state's DNA evidence. The prosecution has a high burden of proof; if defense counsel can cast reasonable doubt on the state's case, the accused should be acquitted by the jury.

Source: Washington Post, "Dancer arrested in Alexandria man's stabbing," Rachel Weiner, Aug. 9, 2013

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