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Florida liquor store camera records 4 men robbing customer

Police are asking for tips in regard to a robbery that occurred outside J & L Liquors in Lauderdale Lakes on May 12. The liquor store's external surveillance camera captured the attack, which involved four assailants robbing one man, at 3875 NW 19th St. It began with three armed men emerging from a white, four-door Volvo vehicle in the parking lot. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the video showed that the men had handguns and long rifles. They pinned the victim to the ground.

The new debate over technology and privacy rights

The use of facial recognition technology could mean that those who have shoplifted in Florida could be banned from stores across the country. This could result in a person not being allowed to shop anywhere, which may be an example of technological overreach. Furthermore, it could violate a person's fundamental right to privacy to not be tracked wherever he or she goes. Privacy advocates contend that technology is moving faster than the ability to create new regulations.

Crimes considered to be larceny in Florida

In Florida, larceny refers to the crime of taking property from another party. It can also occur when the owner of an item is denied the right to use it in a constructive manner. Furthermore, an individual may be guilty of such an offense if he or she carries or rides away with an object. Examples of larceny include riding off with a bike, stealing car parts or taking money from a coin-operated machine.

Factors that go into a theft sentence

Those who are convicted of theft in Florida can face a range of penalties. The exact penalties will depend on the severity of the crime and other factors relevant to the case. Generally speaking, if the stolen property's value is less than $1,000, a defendant will face a misdemeanor charge. However, this could be upgraded if an offender has past convictions for theft or other crimes on their record.

Charges filed in Florida heiress fraud case

Authorities have charged a 52-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man with swindling the heiress to the Wrigley chewing gum fortune out of almost $500,000. The arrests come after a yearlong investigation by the Florida Attorney General's Office and Department of Law Enforcement. Reports indicate that the pair worked as a housekeeper and ranch hand at the heiress's Pasco County estate and allegedly began to siphon money from her accounts after being promoted to the positions of bookkeeper and ranch manager.

How the law defines theft in Florida

In the state of Florida, theft laws cover a range of offenses such as larceny or stealing. Theft occurs when an individual intentionally takes or uses property that belongs to another person. An accused person must intend to deprive the owner of that property to be found guilty of a theft charge. Theft may also occur if a person uses property for a purpose other than what he or she was authorized to use it for.

2 accused of stealing items worth more than $50,000

Two Florida men who were accused of stealing items valued at more than $50,000 and attempting to sell them on Craigslist were charged by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. The theft allegedly occurred on May 12 when someone reported that a flatbed trailer and two sump grinders had been taken from a fenced lot in Sarasota.

Drug treatment center operators accused of forgery

A husband and wife in Florida were charged on Feb. 9 for forging checks and depositing them into the bank accounts of two companies that they operate. The 37-year-old man is facing 13 forgery counts, and his 29-year-old wife is facing two forgery counts. The total amount of the combined checks is $37,500.

Former professional wrestler thwarts robbery in Florida

Although many people are aware that they could be the victim of crimes, they often rely on personal characteristics to ward off any potential assaults. Whether it be your demeanor, your size or your attitude, nearly everyone hopes to go through their day-to-day lives without major conflicts. However, even being a very large individual is no guarantee that you will not be faced with criminal acts.

Police searching for 3 alleged members of shoplifting gang

Police in Florida are searching for three individuals who are alleged to have been part of a multi-state shoplifting ring. The Polk County Sheriff's Office say that four members of the gang have already been taken into custody. The group is accused of stealing almost $180,000 of merchandise from Walmart stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and 26 Florida counties. The arrests followed a two-year investigation that began when detectives in Polk County received a tip about an organized group of shoplifters.

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