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Robbery, Burglary And Home Invasion: How These Charges Can Affect You

Robbery and burglary are serious charges, especially when they involve home invasion. Accordingly, Florida courts take them seriously, assigning severe penalties when an individual is found guilty. If you or a loved one has been accused of robbery, burglary or a related home invasion, you need the help of an experienced lawyer who knows what to do to protect you.

Protection From Serious Charges

As founding attorney of Andrew M. Coffey, P.A., I exclusively practice criminal defense. I help clients facing charges related to robbery, burglary and home invasion. First, it is important to understand the distinction between robbery and burglary:

  • Robbery is stealing property directly from another person.
  • Burglary is entering a building with the intent to steal.

They are often charged together and often also tied to offenses like breaking and entering. Because these charges are generally compounded together, a conviction can mean up to life in prison, as well as extensive fines. However, I am well-acquainted with the criminal defense system here in Florida. In fact, I am a board-certified trial specialist. I am not afraid to take my clients’ cases to trial if that’s what is best for them.

I always work to get the most favorable outcome for my clients, whether that means we get charges dropped right away or we go to trial and fight for a not guilty verdict. You can trust that I will be as aggressive as necessary in pursuit of your freedom.

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To speak with me, please call my Fort Lauderdale office at 954-406-9272. Or, send me a message online. We will arrange a time to speak more in-depth about your situation, and I can get started defending you. I serve clients throughout Florida.