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Domestic violence facts, figures and stats

While some instances of domestic violence in Florida may be misunderstandings that could be resolved without legal intervention, there are instances when abuse of this nature has a big impact. It's estimated that every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is beaten or assaulted. Worldwide, one in every three women experiences some type of abuse, often involving a family member, during their lifetime. Nearly three women in the U.S. lose their lives at the hands of a husband or boyfriend each day.

Defend your freedom from domestic violence charges

Many spouses and partners face domestic violence charges at some point or another, but simply facing charges is far, far different from a conviction or guilt of harm. If you currently face domestic violence charges, you must do everything you can to stop these charges in their tracks.

6 things men must know about domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a criminal charge that can dramatically change your life even before the resolution of the case. It is imperative that any man facing these charges takes time to understand the case against him and how it can impact his life. Starting this process as soon as the prosecution levies the charges is crucial so you have time to fully explore your options.

Defend yourself! 3 ways to show you were using self-defense

You're shocked by the violence caused by your wife, someone you married for her kindness and respect. Now, you see that she has a completely different attitude toward you, and you're a victim of domestic violence.

How to escalate a divorce: False accusations of domestic violence

When two people decide to divorce, there are many emotions involved: Some may feel relief, some may feel scared, some may feel sad. If we're being honest, most people feel a mix of all of these emotions. There is the anticipation of moving on, the fear of starting over again and the disappointment that things did not work out.

Domestic violence and temporary injunctions - II

In our last post, we discussed how individuals who find themselves placed under arrest for domestic violence amidst the turmoil of an especially intense argument with a spouse or significant other frequently face almost immediate consequences, including being named in an order for protection.

Domestic violence and temporary injunctions

When a person stands accused of domestic violence, their whole world is turned upside down. That's because one moment they may have been having a heated argument with their spouse or significant other in their home, and the next moment, they may find themselves in handcuffs being taken to the local police station.  

Domestic violence, other charges leveled against man in Florida

Going into legal proceedings may seem daunting for individuals who may not know what to expect. As a result, individuals accused of domestic violence or other alleged criminal activity may become more anxious as they await their court dates. However, if individuals would like to potentially lessen these feelings of stress and anxiety, they may want to explore legal options.

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