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A Criminal Conviction Can Mean A Lifetime Of Issues

One of the most important steps you can take if you are arrested is to contact an attorney right away. When I am able to get involved early, there are many things I can do for you before charges are formally filed. For example, I can speak with the state attorney and try to get the charges mitigated or dismissed. I will also talk to the police and any witnesses. Often, these efforts will result in getting evidence suppressed or charges dismissed.

At the law office of Andrew M. Coffey, P.A., I represent adults and juveniles in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the region who have been charged with serious crimes, including:

  • Drug charges: Broward County has seen a much higher number of prosecutions for prescription drug charges. I can defend you against all types of drug crime allegations, including possession, delivery of any illegal drug or prescription drug, or trafficking in or outside of Florida.
  • Juvenile law: Juveniles need special protection in the justice system. I understand the importance of keeping your child’s juvenile crime case in juvenile court to give him or her the best chance at a bright future.
  • Violent crimes: I can handle all violent crime charges, from murder to domestic violence to all types of forcible felonies. I also understand how weapons charges can make violent crime penalties even worse. I will put my extensive jury trial experience to use for you.
  • Sexual offenses: Just the accusation of a sexual offense can damage your reputation. You need an attorney who will fight for you on all types of charges, from rape to indecent exposure.
  • DUI: Everyone makes mistakes. A drunk driving conviction, however, can be extremely expensive and limit your future opportunities because of a criminal record. I can help you fight it.

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