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Facing Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking charges have skyrocketed in recent years in this area of the state. Broward County is home to numerous pain clinics, many of which are considered the top-selling oxycodone clinics in the United States. Recent media attention to the problems created by people abusing the clinics has resulted in aggressive prosecution of drug trafficking charges in Broward County.

If you have been charged or are about to be charged with drug trafficking, you need a criminal defense lawyer immediately. I can help. My name is Andrew M. Coffey, and I have been board certified by the Florida Bar as a criminal trial law specialist. I know Florida law and how to fight the drug trafficking case against you. I also represent people charged with other drug crimes. Please call my Fort Lauderdale office, Andrew M. Coffey, P.A., at 954-406-9272 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

A recent ruling in federal court in Florida has essentially declared all statutes related to drug charges unconstitutional. This could mean having your charges or conviction reduced or dismissed. I can examine your case to determine your options and next steps.

Protecting Your Rights

Because it is so easy to obtain prescription narcotics at local pain clinics, thousands of people from other states come to Florida to buy drugs. Many are stopped by police along Interstate 95 and the Turnpike. They can be arrested for trafficking simply for having what Florida considers a large amount of a prescription drug in their possession. Even if they have no intention of sale and delivery of the drug, they can be charged with trafficking.

I will challenge whether there was enough evidence for a drug trafficking charge by examining whether the traffic stop was legal, if there was probable cause, and if the officer had enough observations to arrest you. I will also review the search and seizure and whether police procedure was handled correctly to determine if your constitutional rights were violated.

Forfeiture In Drug Cases

Forfeiture is also an issue in drug trafficking cases. When law enforcement seizes property as part of an arrest and attempts to sell it, forfeiture can turn into a very expensive matter to handle. I strive to help my clients deal with forfeiture issues as part of their drug trafficking or other drug case.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Whether you are charged with trafficking marijuana, heroin, cocaine or other drugs, get in touch with me, an experienced drug charge lawyer, today. Don’t delay; this is a very serious charge with a mandatory prison sentence if you are convicted. Please call me at 954-406-9272 or contact me online.