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Impeding A Law Enforcement Officer Can Be An Additional Charge

It is frustrating when a law enforcement officer decides that your behavior is causing trouble to the point of an additional offense. Especially because in some cases, an arrest does not even need to be in progress for you to be “resisting arrest.” If you are facing this charge, whether alone or as a part of another charge, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect you.

I Fight Resisting Arrest Charges For My Clients

My name is Andy Coffey. I exclusively practice criminal defense at my firm, including defending individuals accused of resisting arrest. Along with more than two decades of experience in this area of the law, I am a board-certified trial specialist. I use my skill and experience to protect my clients.

Under Florida law, there is a distinction between resisting arrest with or without violence:

  • Resisting arrest with violence: This occurs when someone either uses or threatens violence against a law enforcement officer to stop the arrest.
  • Resisting arrest without violence: This is when someone does not use violence but otherwise impedes an officer from making an arrest.

This is an important distinction, and I adjust my strategy accordingly. In fact, I create an individualized strategy for defense for each of my clients. No two offenses are the same, and no two defenses should be, either.

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