Fort Lauderdale man faces felony drug charges

In a struggling economy, many people are forced to come up with creative ways to supplement their income. But if the way they choose is selling drugs, they risk serious consequences if they are caught. A 62-year-old Fort Lauderdale man is finding this out. He was arrested on felony drug charges after police allegedly found nearly 8 pounds of marijuana and $10,900 in cash in his truck.

The man was arrested in Jensen Beach by Martin County sheriff’s deputies. The deputies had received an anonymous tip that drug activity was taking place in a particular neighborhood. The man was pulled over in a traffic stop, and officers allegedly detected an odor of marijuana from the truck. Officers claim they found 14 large bags of marijuana inside a hockey duffel bag, along with the cash. The officers allegedly also found a ledger under the front seat, showing records of drug transactions. The man allegedly told deputies he had been unemployed for months, and implied that he had taken to selling marijuana in order to get by financially.

Prosecutors in South Florida take drug trafficking cases very seriously, and these cases must be defended vigorously. Those accused of selling drugs still have rights, and an experienced drug crime defense lawyer can make sure those rights are not violated. One important right is the right to be free from an unreasonable search and seizure. If the police did not have a proper legal basis for a search of the suspect’s vehicle, the evidence discovered in that search can be thrown out of court.

Those facing drug charges may also qualify for alternative sentencing in the form of a drug diversion program or addiction treatment. Experienced defense counsel can negotiate with prosecutors to get an alternative or reduced sentence.

Source: TC Palm, “Fort Lauderdale man found with almost 8 pounds of marijuana, $10,900 in Jensen Beach,” Keona Gardner, Sept. 24, 2012


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