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October 2018 Archives

Factors that go into a theft sentence

Those who are convicted of theft in Florida can face a range of penalties. The exact penalties will depend on the severity of the crime and other factors relevant to the case. Generally speaking, if the stolen property's value is less than $1,000, a defendant will face a misdemeanor charge. However, this could be upgraded if an offender has past convictions for theft or other crimes on their record.

Florida man accused of flushing cocaine down toilet

Police claim that a 39-year-old Florida man tried to dispose of cocaine by flushing it down a toilet when detectives arrived at his Sarasota home on Oct. 11 to execute a search warrant. The man was taken into custody at the scene on drug possession and trafficking charges and was released the following day after posting a $50,000 bond.

School threats result in arrests of Florida teens

Multiple cases of teenage boys heading to court after threatening their schools have occurred throughout Florida. A 13-year-old from Silver Trail Middle School in Fort Lauderdale now faces a second-degree felony charge after mentioning in class on Oct. 4 that he wished he could shoot up his school. That statement caused his teacher to report him to the police officer on duty at the school.

Sheriff deputy's conduct leads to release of inmates.

Due to the alleged misconduct of a sheriff's in a neighboring county of Tallahassee, Florida, a number of convicted prisoners have been set free. The purported actions of the officer in question have led to an investigation by both state and county law enforcement agencies. The investigation could lead to the dismissal of current charges against other defendants as well as the release of further prisoners.

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