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December 2016 Archives

Police charge 3 juveniles in case involving teen's death

According to news sources, three teens have been taken into custody in relation to the death of a 15-year-old Florida boy. The boy was reportedly found lying on the ground in a park in Winter Park, Florida on Oct. 15 with few signs of trauma.

Synthetic drugs may or may not be illegal

Florida residents may be interested to learn that some drug makers attempt to skirt around drug laws by altering the chemical compositions that make them illegal. However, new synthetic drugs often do not remain legal for very long. Additionally, the altered compounds can be extremely dangerous to users.

Former professional wrestler thwarts robbery in Florida

Although many people are aware that they could be the victim of crimes, they often rely on personal characteristics to ward off any potential assaults. Whether it be your demeanor, your size or your attitude, nearly everyone hopes to go through their day-to-day lives without major conflicts. However, even being a very large individual is no guarantee that you will not be faced with criminal acts.

Police catch Florida fugitive

After being on the lamb for drug trafficking charges for a year, a Hillsborough County man was arrested in New York on Dec. 6. The man, aged 40, and his two brothers were originally arrested in 2010 in Florida for selling oxycodone.

Portable drug testing kits come under fire

Police departments across the nation often rely on portable chemical tests to determine whether or not suspicious substances are illegal drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. The kits are inexpensive and simple for law enforcement officers to use, but the results they produce are not always borne out by more thorough toxicology testing. Portable chemical tests have identified donut glaze as methamphetamine and tortilla flour as cocaine, and a Florida Department of Law Enforcement study showed that more than one in five of the substances identified as methamphetamine by officers in the field were later revealed to be innocuous.

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