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March 2017 Archives

2 charged with drug offenses following home raid

Two Florida residents were taken into police custody on March 23 after authorities raided their home after executing a search warrant. The residents were identified as a 25-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. A 2-year-old child was also discovered during the raid but was turned over to family.

Florida sheriff's office makes record heroin bust

A 31-year old Florida man is at the center of what officials with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office say is the largest case involving heroin in agency history. Deputies took the man into custody on March 21 after searching his home. He is facing a long list of charges including counts of heroin trafficking and marijuana possession. Reports indicate that the man became a subject of interest during a long-running multi-agency investigation into the illegal opioid trade.

6 things men must know about domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a criminal charge that can dramatically change your life even before the resolution of the case. It is imperative that any man facing these charges takes time to understand the case against him and how it can impact his life. Starting this process as soon as the prosecution levies the charges is crucial so you have time to fully explore your options.

Florida taking steps to decriminalize marijuana

While many other states have made marijuana legal for medical or recreational use, it is still against the law in Florida. However, some lawmakers seem to be taking steps towards changing this. These steps are small, and they involve decriminalizing possession of marijuana. Two state representatives have created a bill that would make possession of small amounts of marijuana a civil violation.

Study shows African-Americans likelier to be wrongfully convicted

A recent study of exonerations may interest some Florida residents. In the study, the researchers found that African-Americans were much likelier to have been wrongfully convicted than members of other groups. The researchers believe that the reason for this is tied to racial bias combined with official misconduct.

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