Nineteen jailed on drug charges after Palm Coast bust

A person facing allegations of drug trafficking needs experienced defense counsel to fight the charges. Florida police and prosecutors take drug charges very seriously. A conviction for trafficking can result in serious consequences, including a lengthy prison sentence.

Nineteen people, including four members of one family, have been charged with illegal drug distribution after a lengthy investigation by federal officials working in conjunction with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities are still looking for 15 other people for whom they have arrest warrants.

The investigation targeted alleged trafficking in prescription drugs. According to the Sheriff, those accused were obtaining legitimate prescriptions and then selling the drugs illegally. Most of the charges relate to possession of the prescription drugs hydromorphone and oxycodone, but charges have also been filed for trafficking marijuana and cocaine.

Those facing drug possession and trafficking charges need to assert a vigorous defense. In any drug case, one of the first lines of defense involves the constitutionality of any search and seizure. If the suspects’ rights were violated by an illegal search, then any evidence siezed in the search must be thrown out of court. Without the siezed drugs as evidence, prosecutors may have to dismiss the charges.

In a case involving multiple defendants, prosecutors will sometimes reduce charges for those defendants who are willing to testify against others. In this situation those who make a deal early often get the best terms. Those who come forward last may find they have nothing to sell, because prosecutors already have the testimony they need.

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