Florida doctor accused of exchanging narcotics for meth

It was reported on Sept. 6 that a Florida doctor was taken into custody after he was accused of providing prescriptions for hydrocodone to at least two people in exchange for methamphetamine. It was believed that, for one of the individuals, the doctor provided five prescriptions between February and June for anywhere between 60 and 90 pills.

The authorities determined that the man was providing prescriptions to someone who did not have the medical needs for them after they conducted an investigation into the Florida Prescription and Drug Monitoring database. Police believed that the prescriptions were provided without a medical history being conducted by the doctor.

Additionally, the doctor reported to police that his vehicle had been stolen by a woman who turned out to be a patient of his. When questioned, she stated that he would also provide her with prescriptions for hydrocodone. She also claimed that she would smoke weed and drink alcohol at the man’s home. Following this incident, the authorities obtained a warrant for the man’s arrest and took him into custody while he was at home. It was not stated when his next court appearance was scheduled to be.

In Florida, those who are convicted on drug charges that involve drug trafficking or drug distribution can potentially face a lengthy prison sentence or other consequences. An attorney may be able to help those who were accused protect their rights and provide a strong defense. Depending upon the circumstances of each unique case, there may be evidence that the investigation was not properly conducted, which could result in a successful argument that the charges should be dropped. In other cases, this could also lead to a significant reduction in the severity of the consequences.

Source: WFTV.com, “Polk County doctor arrested on charges of trading hydrocodone for meth“, September 06, 2014


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