Home raided by SWAT team after months of investigation

A Florida man was taken into police custody after a SWAT team raided his home in Fort Myers. The search by Fort Myers Police followed an investigation into alleged drug crimes that had taken place over several months. During the investigation, authorities conducted both undercover drug purchases and surveillance.

When the SWAT team approached the residence, the man was seen running out the back door of his home. At least one officer caught up to him in the backyard of a neighbor’s house, and the man was detained. The man is now facing severak charges that include possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent, possession of ammunition by a felon and obstruction.

Inside of the residence, detectives allegedly found an unknown amount of what they believed to be cocaine along with suspected drug manufacturing, processing and packaging materials. A ballistic vest and an unknown quantity of ammunition were also reportedly discovered in the home. It is unclear how the man is expected to plead to his charges.

A criminal defense attorney might help a person in a similar situation to achieve the best possible outcome in their case. While the attorney is building a defense, the behavior of police officers and detectives during the investigation may be thoroughly examined in an effort to uncover any unlawful actions that were committed. If an undercover drug purchase was not conducted properly, for instance, the attorney may argue that the evidence or information that was obtained during the operation was obtained through entrapment and cannot be presented in a court of law.

Source: fox4now.com, “Suspect charged after drugs found“, Elizabeth Paz, September 22, 2014


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