Florida residents accused of possession of counterfeit cards

It was reported on Oct. 8 that three Florida residents who were believed to be involved in a counterfeit operation were taken into police custody. The individuals were first observed being involved in suspicious activities by the authorities on Oct. 3.

A sergeant with the Broward Sheriff’s Office initially spotted a rental car that was parked at a local shopping center with three individuals inside. The sergeant allegedly saw a woman leave the car and withdraw money from an ATM. Once she returned to the vehicle, a man than went to the ATM and withdrew money. Both individuals appeared to have been trying to hide their faces. Once the man returned to the vehicle, the third occupant then drove to another shopping center and made more withdrawals from an ATM.

The trio reportedly visited multiple ATMs over the next two days. When the vehicle was eventually searched by investigators, the authorities allegedly recovered more than $20,000 in cash, counterfeit credit cards and a list of names. It was alleged that the third man who was driving the vehicle would give 20 percent of the money that was withdrawn to the other two individuals involved.

All three of the involved individuals were identified. The woman was charged with theft of less than $5,000 and possession of counterfeit credit cards. The two men were charged with theft of less than $10,000, possession of personal identification and possession of counterfeit cards.

There are several defense strategies an attorney may use to defend their client against theft and possession of counterfeit credit card charges. Depending upon the person’s alleged involvement in the scheme, the attorney may argue that their client was coerced into being involved in the scheme or argue that they did not know that they were involved.

Source: CBS Miami, “Counterfeit Crew Busted By BSO“, October 08, 2014


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