3 juveniles charged for robbing pizza delivery driver

On Dec. 1, three juveniles in Florida were accused of shooting a pizza delivery driver with BB guns. The individuals accused of juvenile crimes are reportedly 12- and 13-year-old teens. Although reports about the incident indicate that there were four juveniles, only three have been taken into police custody. All of the minors received charges for criminal mischief, battery and robbery with a weapon.

The alleged criminal incident took place in Ocala when a delivery driver for Papa John’s arrived at Northwest 19th Court to deliver some pizzas. When two juveniles approached him, the delivery driver began telling them how much they owed for the pizzas. Two other juveniles, wearing dark bandanas over their faces, allegedly walked over to the man and attempted to rob him, pointing a BB gun at him.

When the delivery driver refused to hand anything over, the juveniles allegedly began shooting their BB guns at him. The rear window on the man’s truck was reportedly shattered as he drove away. Following the incident, police located a 13-year-old boy in the area who reportedly had an air cartridge and BBs on his person. While speaking with police, the boy allegedly admitted that he had stolen BB guns from Walmart with other juveniles earlier that day. Two 12-year-olds were also taken into police custody.

Although juvenile charges are usually less serious than adult charges, they must be taken seriously nonetheless. A juvenile case can sometimes be moved to criminal court, and a child could end up being tried as an adult. To avoid this possibility, a parent of a child who has been charged for a crime may want to enlist the help of a defense attorney.

Source: WKMG, “Juveniles robbed, shot Papa Johns pizza driver with BB guns, Ocala police say“, December 02, 2014


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