Man detained for gas station and pharmacy robbery

Authorities have taken a 27-year-old man into custody on charges of several counts of armed robbery after a car chase following his alleged hold-up of a Florida convenience store and an Alabama pharmacy. Police detained him after a high-speed chase in Mississippi leading from Choctaw County to Montgomery County.

The man allegedly took money from both the cash register and a safe at a Las Vegas Discount Golf & Tennis store in Foley, Florida. He reportedly later robbed Lillian Pharmacy in Baldwin County, Alabama. An armed man, identified on security footage as the individual in custody, forced the pharmacist at gunpoint to provide him with 1,700 hydrocodone pills and then fled the scene.

Prior to a final armed robbery in Mississippi, the man allegedly also robbed the Davisville BP convenience store in Escambia County, Florida, along Highway 97. Surveillance footage indicated that he had similar clothing from both robberies in his possession. The man was held at the Choctaw County Jail without bond, and sources say that he would be extradited first to Alabama then Florida to face his charges in each state.

Individuals facing shoplifting or armed robbery charges might want to obtain the representation of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer might be able to build a strong case for an individual’s innocence as well as potentially strike a plea bargain that could possibly reduce the length of the sentence and decrease the amount of fines. A strong legal defense might be essential in any criminal trial.

Source: North Escambia, “Suspect jailed in robbery of highway 97 gas station, Lillian Pharmacy“, November 26, 2014


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