Vanilla Ice faces charges of grand theft

A burglary at a Florida home was linked to the rapper Vanilla Ice, according to authorities. The Lantana police took the DIY Network personality into custody after items reported stolen from a home were found in a residence being renovated by the defendant as part of a network show, according to a representative of the police force.

The rap star, 47, was renovating a home next door to the residence on North Atlantic Drive in Palm Beach County. According to police reports, items, including a pool heater, furniture and bicycles, were reported missing. The items were allegedly taken between December 2014 and January. The broker handling the property said that the items taken were not worth a lot of money.

The rapper told authorities that he saw assorted items on the curb, according to police records. After signing a statement, the rapper was placed in police custody. He was taken to the county jail in Palm Beach for processing and later released on a bond of $6,000.

A charge of grand theft in Florida is based on the worth of the goods that are stolen. However, such felony charges carry serious penalties including fines, probation and possible jail time. If an individual is charged with grand theft, having the advice of an attorney is beneficial. The attorney may identify errors made by authorities, incorporating such flaws into a defense strategy. The attorney may help provide evidence that the charges were made in error or help mount a plea agreement to lower penalties.

Source: NBC6, “Robert Van Winkle, AKA Vanilla Ice, Released After Being Charged for Residential Burglary: Police,” Brian Hamacher and Laura Rodriguez, Feb. 20, 2015


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