Juvenile crimes: Teen creates contract to have family killed

Though a person may be under the age of 18, he or she could still get into considerable trouble if he or she is believed to have participated in criminal activity. Juvenile crimes can be just as serious as crimes committed by adults, and as a result, a young person could face charges. Depending on the situation, a minor can at times even be tried as an adult.

A 14-year-old boy in Florida was recently taken into custody. It was reported that the boy had allegedly created a contract in order to hire someone to kill his family. The paper with the information on it was reportedly found by the boy’s father in the boy’s bedroom. The information on paper purportedly stated that the boy would pay $1,200 to another individual for the murders.

The boy was taken into custody and has been charged with attempting to solicit murder. It is unclear whether he will be considered an adult or minor as his case moves forward. It was also reported that the contract had been signed by a friend of the boy, but the individual thought the situation was a joke. The boy is currently being held in a juvenile detention center.

Juvenile crimes of this nature are taken very seriously, and there is a chance that the teen could be considered an adult in regard to the legal situation. Whether he is tried as a minor or as an adult could have a considerable impact on how the case will move forward and what legal options the boy may have. Therefore, the boy may wish to learn as much information as he can about his circumstances and what potential avenues he may have to follow as his Florida case proceeds.

Source: The Washington Post, “Police: Father discovers teen son’s murder-for-hire contract on family“, Elahe Izadi, March 9, 2015


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