Florida officer faces felony charges due to alleged battery

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

The amount of preparation put into any situation could make a difference in the outcomes. Therefore, preparation could be considered important when it comes to facing criminal allegations. If an individual is facing felony charges, he or she may want to gather information about the criminal process and how he or she may be able to move forward. Such knowledge could be utilized to work toward a desired outcome.

A Florida police officer may be focused on preparing for his situation after he was charged with battery. It was reported that the officer had allegedly responded to a situation in which he was to pick up a man who would not pay a bar tab. The man claimed that the officer kicked him when he wasn’t moving to the police vehicle fast enough. The man also claimed that the officer banged his head against a window hard enough to break the glass and also hit him in the abdomen with his knee.

Surveillance video of the holding cell where the man was being kept allegedly showed the officer kneeing the man. The incident reportedly caused the man’s spleen to rupture and require surgery. As a result, the officer was charged with felony battery due to excessive force.

Felony charges can come with steep consequences if a party is convicted of those allegations. Therefore, the officer accused in this alleged situation may wish to determine how to work toward the most beneficial outcome. It may be in his interest to consider any plea bargains that may be available, or he may wish to create a defense against the allegations leveled against him and proceed to trial. Information on how those options may affect his Florida case could be helpful.

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