Florida teacher taken into custody on drug charges

Knowing how to handle a legal situation after being charged for an alleged crime can make a considerable difference in how a case proceeds. If a person is facing drug charges, he or she may wish to better understand how the particular details of the situation could come into play. By having information on criminal proceedings and how to utilize available options, individuals may feel more comfortable as they move forward.

One teacher in Florida may be hoping to better understand her situation after she was taken into custody. It was reported that the situation began when an undercover officer approached another individual about buying drugs. The individual allegedly told the officer that the teacher would meet him. The teacher reportedly met the officer, and the officer gave her $100 in exchange for acid and prescription pills.

The woman was later taken into custody after purportedly being identified by her license plate. The person that the officer originally approached for the exchange was also taken to custody. Both individuals were charged with multiple counts of selling and distributing narcotics, and both had bonds set over $40,000.

Drug charges can result in jail time and other punishments if individuals are convicted of such allegations. Therefore, the individuals may wish to determine their legal options and how they would like to proceed with their cases. Information on Florida criminal proceedings relating to drug offenses may give them a better idea of what to expect as their cases move to trial and, in turn, help them better prepare for their appearances.

Source: orlandosentinel.com, “Cops: Osceola teacher arrested after selling acid, pills to undercover cop“, David Harris, April 16, 2015


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