Woman faces theft charges after allegedly taking bird

Though many individuals face serious legal situations every day, each case is unique to the parties involved and the circumstances surrounding the situation. If someone has been charged for drug crimes, his or her defense-related decisions will likely differ from those made by someone facing theft charges. Therefore, it is important for accused parties to assess their specific circumstances and make legal choices based on the details of their situations.

A woman may be hoping to find the best options available after she was charged with a crime in Florida. It was reported that the woman was in a pet store when she allegedly walked out with a parrot. The bird was reportedly valued at $600. A surveillance video purportedly shows the woman grabbing the bird and leaving the store.

The woman apparently left the area along with a man and young boy. They are said to have drove from the scene, and the vehicle was later spotted by an outside party who notified authorities. Police followed the vehicle until it stopped, and the bird was purportedly located in the vehicle. The woman was charged with grand theft, and the bird was taken back to the pet store.

Facing a theft charge could leave the woman wondering how to handle her current state of affairs. If she is convicted, she could face serious punishment. It is important to understand that legal options are available for individuals facing similar charges, and information regarding Florida criminal proceedings relating to theft cases may help accused individuals make the decisions with which they feel most comfortable.

Source: jacksonville.com, “Stolen parrot recovered and woman arrested in St. Augustine“, Dan Scanlan, April 10, 2015


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