Florida waitress charged with grand theft

The legal system can be a puzzling network to navigate if a person does not have specific knowledge about a situation. For instance, if an individual is facing charges for theft or other alleged criminal activity, he or she may not be clear on how the situation will be dealt with. Fortunately, there is information available for individuals who are facing such circumstances and would like to know how to proceed.

One woman in Florida may be hoping to gain more knowledge on her legal situation after being taken into custody. It was reported that the 21 year old had been a waitress at a restaurant and was terminated from her position last month. She was recently taken into custody on claims that she increased tips for herself in order to gain more money.

She reportedly entered higher tip amounts into the computer than what the customers indicated. She allegedly gained over $1,000 by purportedly carrying out this action. She reportedly changed the tip amounts on 134 checks. It was not reported how this alleged incident was discovered. Nonetheless, as a result of the situation, the woman is currently facing charges for grand theft.

As her situation moves forward, the woman may want to gather information that could help her prepare for her legal situation. By gaining knowledge on Florida criminal proceedings relating to grand theft charges, she may be better able to understand what to expect during those proceedings. Additional information on potential defense strategies may provide useful knowledge as she makes legal decisions.

Source: USA Today, “Former waitress accused of increasing tips on checks“, May 14, 2015


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