Florida man facing felony charges for negligence

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

The types of charges leveled against a party accused of criminal activity can depend heavily on the circumstances underlying the situation. If the event is considered relatively minor, misdemeanor charges may suffice. However, there are certain actions that could lead to a party facing felony charges. Because these charges can come with steep consequences should a conviction result, individuals will want to approach the legal proceedings with care. 

One man in Florida is currently facing felony charges after an alleged situation that left a baby girl injured. It was reported that two children were in a vehicle when the 3-year-old boy reportedly shot his 1-year-old sister in the face. The mother was outside the vehicle at the time and apparently thought the noise was a blown transformer before seeing blood on the baby’s face. 

The children’s father later reportedly stated that he had left the gun in the vehicle when he had used the car to go to a store to buy alcohol. He purportedly forgot about the weapon, and it remained in the vehicle, which apparently resulted in the child gaining access to it. The man reportedly turned himself in to the authorities, and he is currently facing a felony charge of culpable negligence. 

Felony charges are serious matters with which to contend, and the manner in which such allegations are handled could play a substantial role in the outcome. Because being convicted of the charges could potentially result in the man facing jail time, among other penalties, he may want to better understand which of his legal options may be best. By gaining knowledge on Florida criminal proceedings relating to his case, he may obtain a better idea on what to expect out of the process and how to prepare an appropriate defense. 

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