Florida residents face drug charges after investigation

If individuals do not have extensive knowledge regarding criminal proceedings, they may feel at a loss if they find themselves facing charges. However, these parties do have options for gathering legal information and obtaining legal counsel. Therefore, if an individual is facing drug charges, he or she may want to ensure that he or she takes advantage of available information and options.

Two individuals in Florida may be hoping to gain more knowledge about their current situation. It was reported that authorities were allegedly informed about potential drug-related activity at a residence. Reportedly acting on this information, police conducted an investigation into the situation. After purportedly obtaining enough probable cause, they acted on a warrant to search the residence. 

As a result of the search, police allegedly discovered marijuana, marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia. Additionally, they reportedly found $50,000 and multiple weapons. The two individuals living in the home — a 35-year-old male and a 43-year-old female — were taken into custody. They are currently facing charges for growing and selling marijuana. 

Drug charges can have various effects on the lives of those who have been accused. As a result of such charges, the parties will likely want to work toward defending against the allegations. They may find gathering information on possible defense options and the criminal process in Florida for cases relating to their situation beneficial. In addition to gathering information, they may also want to discuss their circumstances with their legal counsel in order to better understand their predicaments and move forward more confidently.

Source: floridatoday.com, “Palm Bay PD charges two in drug trafficking case“, July 24, 2015


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