Florida woman charged after alleged theft

The criminal justice system may seem intimidating if individuals do not feel comfortable with the limited knowledge they have on certain proceedings. Luckily, there is information available from reliable sources that can help parties who have been accused of theft navigate the legal system. Individuals in this type of situation will likely want to defend against the allegations leveled against them, and gaining more knowledge may be helpful.

One woman in Florida may be hoping to take such action after she was charged in relation to an alleged theft. It was reported that the woman worked at a care facility, and one of the older residents at the facility informed police that some of her jewelry was missing. Authorities conducted an investigation and reportedly determined that the employee had allegedly pawned some of the patient’s jewelry.

Apparently at a later time, the patient purportedly noticed the same employee wearing a pair of earrings that the patient believed were hers. Authorities located and questioned the employee. She reportedly stated that it was possible that the earrings had previously belonged to the patient. As a result of the situation, the woman is facing charges for theft and other related allegations.

As the woman’s situation proceeds, she may feel overwhelmed by the legal processes she will face. If she feels it could be right for her, she may want to work on gaining more information about Florida criminal proceedings relating to theft charges as well as retaining legal counsel in order to better understand her circumstances. The woman is presumed innocent until — and only if — she is convicted in a court of law.

Source: sun-sentinel.com, “Woman accused of stealing jewelry wore victim’s earrings to police interview, cops say“, Kate Jacobson, Aug. 17, 2015


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