Juvenile charges leveled against preteen in Florida

When a young individual makes poor decisions, it is possible that those decisions could land him or her in serious trouble. This trouble could include having juvenile charges leveled against him or her that could have a considerable impact on his or her life. However, if a minor is charged with an alleged crime, he or she still has the ability to prepare and present a defense against the allegations.

One individual in Florida may be hoping to understand his options after being taken into custody. It was reported that a 12-year-old boy allegedly went on a crime spree by stealing from multiple locations and purportedly robbing a woman with a toy gun. Authorities were apparently alerted to the situation when the woman called police after the alleged robbery. 

Reports stated that before the purported incident with the woman, the boy had allegedly broken into multiple vehicles, stolen a bicycle and stolen a toy gun from a dollar store. The toy gun was reportedly used in the robbery of the woman, and at the time, she thought it was real. As a result of the situation, the boy is facing a felony charge for armed robbery and charges for theft and battery. 

When serious charges are pursued against an individual at such a young age, the situation will likely be complicated. The 12-year-old boy may want to work toward better understanding what these juvenile charges could mean for his future and how they will be treated in court. As his situation proceeds, he and his family may wish to learn more about the Florida criminal justice system and proceedings relating to his case.

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