Domestic violence charges leveled against man in Florida

When authorities suspect that a domestic dispute may have escalated into a violent affair, one or more individuals may be taken into custody. Domestic violence situations are taken very seriously, and an individual could face severe consequences if he or she is convicted of charges relating to such an event. However, an accused individual does have the opportunity to defend him or herself.

One man in Florida may be considering his defense options after having charges brought against him. Reports stated that authorities responded to an apartment after receiving information about a possible domestic dispute. The situation reportedly involved a man and a woman, and police believe that a physical altercation had taken place.

Reports indicated that the man and woman were arguing and that the woman had gone into a bedroom because she felt unsafe. The man allegedly followed her into the bedroom and would not let her leave. He purportedly also held the woman down by her neck. As a result of the alleged incident, the man was taken into custody on charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.

Because the man has been accused of domestic violence, he will likely want to defend against those allegations. There are various defensive strategies that could potentially be utilized, and he may wish to determine what options may be best suited for his case. Information on Florida criminal proceedings relating to his situation may give valuable insight to his circumstances. It is also important to remember that the man is considered innocent until — and only if — he is proved guilty.

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