Grand theft charges brought against Florida volunteer

Criminal defense strategies vary depending on the case at hand. An individual who has been charged with theft may find certain tactics more helpful than someone who has been charged with a different crime. To make the most out of their predicament, individuals may wish to find out more information on their legal options as they move forward.

One woman in Florida may be looking to determine how to defend against allegations that were recently filed against her. Reports stated that the woman was a volunteer with a youth baseball club and worked at a concession stand. Other volunteers reportedly believed that the woman was taking money from purchases and keeping the money herself rather than putting it in the register. A video of the alleged incident was sent to other staff members, who then notified police. 

The woman was taken into custody and is facing charges for grand theft. Reports indicated that the woman purportedly took $477.25 from the baseball organization. She was booked into jail, but she was later released after posting bail. It was also noted that the woman was also charged with a narcotics violation, but information on why that charge came about was not given in the report.

Because the woman has been charged with grand theft, she will likely want to better understand the legal ramifications of the allegations. Additionally, she may want to find out what options for a criminal defense may be best suited to her case. Information on legal proceedings in Florida, along with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, may be helpful in confronting the upcoming court proceedings.

Source: Sarasota, FL Patch, “Youth Baseball Volunteer Charged in Grand Theft“, Sherri Lonon, Sept. 23, 2015


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