Text message leads to arrest and drug charges

Police in Florida recently arrested a man who they say sent multiple text messages, about buying and selling drugs, to the captain of the narcotics division in Martin County. The officer never identified himself in the messages, but allegedly carried on a conversation and then sent detectives to meet the accused and make the arrest. This individual is now facing drug charges as a result of this incident.

The 29-year-old male was taken into police custody on Sept. 1. Police claim that he scheduled a meeting with someone he thought was a friend; instead, he was met by narcotics detectives. According to law enforcement officials, this individual had cocaine in his possession at the time of his arrest.

The accused has been charged with possession with the intent to sell. At this time, it is unknown if he his still being held by authorities or if he has been released pending further court proceedings. Court dates regarding this matter have not been reported.

Drug charges of any sort are not taken lightly in Florida. This individual stands to face a number of significant consequences if he is ultimately convicted, which could include jail time, fines and/or court ordered rehabilitation. The accused does have the right to defend himself in criminal court. With the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, this individual can seek a dismissal of charges or may consider negotiating with the prosecution for a plea agreement. With the help and guidance of counsel, the accused will be able to make informed legal decisions as he strives to achieve the best possible outcome for the situation at hand.

Source: wptv.com, “Man looking to buy and selll drugs mistakenly texts MCSO’s narcotics captain; gets arrested“, Monica Magalhaes, Sept. 10, 2015


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