Florida man and woman charged with alleged theft

Being charged with alleged criminal activity can cause individuals to question what actions they may need to take. Two individuals in Florida may be hoping to learn more about their legal predicament and criminal defense options after being taken into custody for alleged theft. Reports stated that the man and woman had attended an art gallery exhibition where expensive jewelry was apparently on display.

It was reported that a ring and bracelet were purportedly taken from the exhibition. Authorities apparently examined the guest book for the event and noticed that there were multiple email addresses that were fake. At least one of the emails allegedly used a shortened version of the woman’s name and another supposedly had the woman’s phone number beside it.

Authorities began looking for the man and woman in the area where the exhibition took place. The pair were apparently located in an area grocery store. After confronting the couple, officers allegedly found the bracelet and ring in the woman’s purse. It was reported that the jewelry was valued at approximately $6,000. As a result, the individuals were charged with grand theft.

The charges that were leveled against the man and woman could lead to considerable punishment if they are convicted of the allegations. Therefore, they will likely each want to determine what options for creating defenses against the theft charges could be right for them. Information on Florida criminal proceedings relating to their cases could help them better understand what to expect as they move forward with their defense.

Source: naplesnews.com, “Man, woman charged with theft left name in Florida gallery guestbook“, Oct. 20, 2015


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