Man facing drug charges in Florida after vehicle stop

When an individual is taken into custody on criminal charges, he or she will likely want to defend against the allegations. One man in Florida may be working to create a meaningful defense after a reported traffic stop led to his arrest on drug charges. Reports stated that the man was in a vehicle with three other individuals when it was stopped by police. 

The stop allegedly came about due to authorities smelling an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. It was not mentioned where the officers were located or what their proximity to the vehicle was when they purportedly smelled the odor. Nonetheless, the vehicle was stopped, and searches were apparently conducted on the vehicle and the occupants. 

While searching the man, police allegedly found half of a gram of cocaine. As a result, the man was taken into custody and charged with drug possession. Police say that additional drugs were found in a bag that was on the ground outside the vehicle, but police were not able to determine to whom the bag belonged. It was unclear what charges — if any — the other occupants of the vehicle may be facing.

Because the man is facing drug charges, he may want to better understand his legal predicament. Gaining information on the charges themselves could assist him in determining what criminal defense strategies could suit his case. Additionally, he may wish to consult with an experienced defense attorney that could help him learn more about Florida criminal proceedings and his legal rights with regard to the coming court proceedings.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Former Riverhounds Defender Arrested On Cocaine Possession Charge“, Oct. 19, 2015


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