Domestic violence charges brought against Florida woman

A woman in Florida was recently taken into custody after allegedly getting into an altercation with her ex-husband. Reports stated that the woman is facing domestic violence charges after she purportedly ran over the man’s foot with her car. The reported incident began when the two went together to a storage unit so that the man could collect some of his things.

While stopped at the storage facility, the woman reportedly propositioned the man for sex. The man apparently agreed at first, but then an argument about the request took place. During the argument, the man purportedly walked away in hopes of avoiding a physical fight with the woman. She has apparently had charges for battery leveled against her in the past due to physical altercations with the man.

The man came back to the vehicle, and the argument reportedly continued. The woman allegedly began throwing things and yelling at the man, who fell backward. While trying to get his possessions out of the vehicle, the woman purportedly ran over his foot with the car. Authorities came to the scene and took the woman into custody on charges of domestic violence. She was released from custody after posting bond.

As her case moves forward, the woman will likely want to better understand the domestic violence charges that have been leveled against her. By learning more, she may have a better idea as to how she would like to defend against the allegations and what options might work best for her case. Additional information on Florida criminal proceedings may also allow her to understand her situation more fully.

Source:, “Florida Woman Argued With Ex-Husband Over Sex Position“, Sonja Killebrew, Nov. 16, 2015


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