Felony charges leveled against Florida man after infant’s death

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

Exploring information regarding charges related to alleged criminal activity could help an individual better understand his or her legal predicament. One man in Florida may be hoping to learn more about his case after recently having felony charges for murder leveled against him. It was reported that the allegations came about after the death of the man’s infant son.

Reports stated that authorities were called to a place of residence due to a baby having trouble breathing. The 6-month-old child was taken to an area hospital with injuries that were considered life-threatening. The infant succumbed to the injuries that he suffered, and it was reported that the caused of death was blunt force trauma to the child’s head. In addition to that injury, the infant also had other serious injuries.

The baby’s father allegedly gave multiple accounts as to how the child suffered those injuries, but the accounts apparently did not fit with the injuries. Reports also indicated that the man allegedly stated that he hit the baby’s head against the floor because he would not stop crying. As a result, the father was initially charged with felony aggravated child abuse, and those charges were later increased to felony murder.

The man must now prepare a criminal defense against the felony charges that have been filed against him. The best place to start, of course, is by consulting with his criminal defense counsel. Information on defense tactics could help him determine what legal options may work best for his case in Florida.

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