Domestic violence charges stem from unusual Florida incident

When individuals get into arguments, those incidents can stem from a variety of issues. In some cases, those arguments could turn into physical altercations. If such an incident is taking place in a home, it is possible that charges of domestic violence could result. It was recently reported that a woman in Florida was taken into custody on such allegations.

Apparently, the situation began when the woman’s husband was experiencing a bout of gas. He was reportedly passing gas while the couple were in bed, and the woman wanted the man to stop. However, the flatulence continued, and the woman reportedly elbowed him and wanted him to leave the bed. He purportedly returned to the bed, and the woman allegedly kicked and scratched him.

It was unclear how authorities became alerted to the situation, but officers apparently arrived at the couple’s home. They reportedly noted that the man had scratches on his chest and his clothing was torn in multiple places. The woman also had a busted lip, but she stated that her husband was trying to restrain her and her lip got cut. She apparently said that he did not hit her. As a result of the incident, the woman was taken into custody for domestic battery.

Though the events leading to the charges may seem silly to some, the allegations are serious. Therefore, the woman will likely want to find her best options for creating a criminal defense against the charges. Gathering information on domestic violence and becoming more knowledgeable about the Florida criminal justice system may help her case move more smoothly.

Source: New York Daily News, “Florida woman arrested for kicking and scratching gassy husband for farting in bed“, Laura Bult, Dec. 22, 2015


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