Individuals facing drug charges in Florida

Seeking legal assistance could be considered a wise step when individuals are faced with criminal charges. Consulting with an experienced defense attorney could help accused parties better understand what options they have for creating and presenting a criminal defense and what the charges could mean in terms of possible consequences. Two individuals in Florida may be considering taking such a step after recently facing drug charges.

It was reported that police apparently became aware of the individuals after two children in their home had swallowed a chemical that was described as an acid-type liquid. It was also noted that the chemical was one that was often used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. The ages and conditions of the children were not given in the report.

As a result of the situation, the police purportedly obtained a search warrant and searched the home. Authorities allegedly found other paraphernalia that supposedly indicated that meth was being made at the residence. The man and woman were taken into custody and are currently facing charges of child neglect resulting in bodily harm, manufacturing of methamphetamine and possession of drug equipment. There was no bond set for either individual.

Because the drug charges and other allegations brought against the individuals are considered serious, the parties will likely want to approach their cases in the manner with which they feel most comfortable. If they wish to gain more knowledge pertaining to their legal predicaments, they may be able to glean helpful information from local legal resources as well as their legal counsel. Learning more about Florida criminal proceedings may also help them better understand what they may face.

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