Drug charges filed against 2 men, 1 woman in Florida

It was recently reported that a Florida man who had purportedly been wanted by police and two other individuals were recently taken into custody. They are currently facing drug charges and other allegations in relation to a reported incident that took place. The individuals were reported as being a 32-year-old man, a 27-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman.

The first man allegedly had warrants out for his arrest, though what he was wanted for was not disclosed in the report. Authorities reportedly received information on the potential location of the man, and police went to the location to act on the warrants. The man was located at the residence, and while there, police allegedly also saw methamphetamine and other drug-related items in the living room.

Reports stated that police purportedly obtained a warrant to search the home. They allegedly discovered additional methamphetamine, pills, a glass pipe, baggies and other drug paraphernalia. The second man and woman were apparently in the home at the time of the search, and they were taken into custody. They are currently facing charges for drug possession and harboring a fugitive. It was unclear what charges the first man may be facing.

As their cases move forward, each individual may wish to explore his or her legal options. Information on creating and presenting criminal defenses against drug charges may prove useful to the accused individuals. Additionally, gaining more knowledge on Florida criminal proceedings relating to their cases may help them better understand what to potentially expect from their predicaments.

Source: chipleypaper.com, “Three arrested for meth”, Jan. 8, 2016


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