Florida woman facing theft, drug paraphernalia charges

It was recently reported that a woman in Florida is facing multiple charges after an alleged incident at an area Walmart. Authorities were called to the store on reports of a woman acting strangely and eating food inside the store without first paying. As a result, she is facing a theft charge for the food that was consumed.

Reports stated that the woman was riding a motorized shopping cart throughout the store while eating sushi, chicken and other items. It was also noted that she was allegedly consuming wine from the store. The total price for the items she consumed was reported as being $32.36, which apparently prompted the call to police. Additionally, the woman had purportedly injected methamphetamine before going to the store.

When police arrived at the scene, they reportedly found syringes in the woman’s possession, and she allegedly stated that she had used them to inject drugs. Furthermore, she reportedly told police that she was homeless and hungry, and she did not want to take the items from the store. As a result of the situation, she is currently facing charges for theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

As the woman’s case proceeds, she will likely want to determine what might be the most prudent way to handle her situation. Information on criminal defense strategies may help her understand what options she has for defending herself against the theft and drug-related charges. Gaining knowledge on Florida criminal proceedings and consulting with an experienced defense attorney may also prove beneficial to her legal predicament.

Source: USA Today, “Woman arrested after riding cart in Walmart while having sushi, wine“, Jessica Durando, Dec. 28, 2015


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