Juvenile crimes: Florida teen facing charges after stabbing

Individuals could be at risk of being accused of a serious crime at any age. Parties are accused of juvenile crimes all across the country, and young people can often be at risk of facing serious charges and potential consequences. It was recently reported that a Florida boy in his early teens was taken into custody after he was suspected to have been involved in a stabbing. 

Allegedly, the incident took place at a nudist resort. A woman had arrived at the facility on a bicycle, and after her arrival, she was apparently approached and stabbed more than once. Details were not given regarding what may have provoked the alleged attack or where the boy may have gotten the weapon. It was noted that the boy was a resident of the resort. 

The manager of the resort reportedly said that the facility had never experienced an incident like this one. It was also noted that the victim was apparently concerned for the welfare of the boy. It was reported that the boy is facing charges, but it was not specifically noted what those charges may be. The manager stated that the boy would not be permitted back at the resort. 

The boy’s parents will likely want to learn more about how juvenile crimes are handled in the Florida criminal justice system and what options they may have for moving forward. Gaining information on creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense could prove beneficial to them. Additionally, discussing the case with an experienced defense attorney may help them determine what courses of action may be best for the predicament.

Source: wwntradio.com, “13-year-old arrested in stabbing at Florida nudist resort“, Ralph Mccoy, Dec. 25, 2015


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