Multiple Florida residents charged with domestic violence

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Firm News

It was recently reported that five individuals were taken into custody in Florida for being involved in similar but separate situations. Apparently four men and one woman were arrested on charges of domestic violence. Police were alerted to the first incident, and upon arriving at the scene, a woman stated that a man who lived in the house came home drunk and the two began to argue. The man allegedly struck the woman in the face and threw a chair at her when she tried to leave. He is currently in custody.

Next, a woman was arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a knife and a pipe before reportedly trying to run him over. It was unclear what may have caused the purported altercation, but authorities noted that the man had injuries to his head and throat. The woman was charged with domestic violence and released after posting bond.

Three other men were also taken into custody after separate altercations with three women. In each case, the men allegedly struck the women in some fashion causing injuries. As a result, the men were arrested and are also facing charges relating to domestic violence.

Domestic violence charges are serious allegations, and the individuals accused in these purported incidents will likely want to handle their cases in the manner they feel is most fitting. Each individual may want to explore his or her criminal defense options and learn more about Florida criminal proceedings relating to the specific predicaments. Additionally, each party may want to consult with an experienced defense attorney in order to gain further insight.

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