Florida man may wish to defend against theft charge

Preparing for any situation could potentially help an individual feel more at ease about what he or she may face. One man in Florida may be hoping to prepare for a legal predicament after recently being taken into custody on charges of grand theft. At the time of the report, it was unclear whether the man had sought legal counsel, but nonetheless, doing so may be a step he wishes to consider.

The situation reportedly began at an area church. The man had supposedly been at the church for a baptism, and while there, he allegedly took a woman’s purse. Security footage purportedly showed the man taking the purse off a chair while the owner was praying. The footage then reportedly showed the man quickly leaving the church.

Authorities were searching for the suspect, and it was almost a month after the reported incident when the man was taken into custody. He had apparently been stopped and arrested for driving under the influence, and after that arrest, he was charged in relation to the alleged purse theft. He was released from custody after posting bond.

As his case proceeds, the man will likely want to make the most out of the knowledge at his disposal. Luckily, he can gather more information regarding Florida criminal proceedings and theft charges by utilizing local legal resources and potentially discussing his situation with an experienced defense attorney. A better understanding of his options could allow him to move toward creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense, if that is a path he wishes to follow.

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