Juvenile crimes: Florida teen charged in alleged incident

Even at a young age, some individuals could find themselves facing serious criminal charges. Parties who are accused of juvenile crimes may feel overwhelmed as they face their legal predicaments, and they and their parents may wish to find out more information on their options and how to potentially handle their cases. One Florida teen and his parents may be exploring legal options after he was recently taken into custody.

It was reported that the situation began when an officer attempted to approach a vehicle that the 15-year-old boy was apparently occupying. The boy was presumably in the driver’s seat as reports stated that the boy allegedly hit the officer with the car as she approached. The officer landed on the hood of the vehicle before being thrown off. It was unclear why she was approaching the vehicle in the first place.

Authorities were searching for the teen, and he recently contacted the police department and turned himself in. Reports stated that he is currently facing charges for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. A sheriff for the area stated that the boy had a history of violence when interacting with police. It was noted that the teen did not wish to speak to investigators and requested an attorney.

As his case moves forward, the boy and his parents may wish to gather more information on how juvenile crimes are handled in Florida. This will be especially true regarding the allegations particular to his case since the youth is facing such serious charges. Additionally, they may wish to consult with his legal counsel in order to better understand what defense strategies may be suited for his circumstances.

Source: news4jax.com, “15-year-old accused of running over Orange County deputy turns self in“, Feb. 21, 2016


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