Felony charges: Florida woman accused in alleged sex crime

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

Many individuals likely know that a felony charge could come with steeper consequences than a misdemeanor charge if an individual is convicted. As a result, if an individual is facing felony charges, he or she may be even more concerned with the legal situation and how the case may move forward. One woman in Florida may be looking into her legal options after recently being taken into custody.

Reports stated that the 29-year-old woman had stopped by a friend’s house after work in order to take a shower. Her place of residence apparently did not have running water at the time. The woman apparently spent time with the friend’s 15-year-old son before allegedly asking the boy to join her in the shower. The two purportedly entered the shower and sexual activity reportedly took place.

The boy’s father allegedly discovered the two in the shower and told the woman to leave. The teen reportedly told authorities that he had not known how to get out of the situation. The woman supposedly stated that she had been drunk at the time and did not remember everything that had occurred. She is currently facing a felony charge for lewd and lascivious act on a child.

In order to gain more knowledge about her predicament, the woman may wish to find out how the Florida criminal justice system attends to felony charges relating to alleged sex crimes. This information may allow her to learn more about what proceedings she may face and how she may handle them. If she wishes, she may also discuss her case with an experienced defense attorney.

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