Juvenile crimes: Multiple Florida middle schoolers charged

When children are accused of criminal activity, their parents will likely be concerned about their welfare and how the legal proceedings will be handled. Juvenile crimes could lead to serious charges in some cases, and parents, undoubtedly, want to ensure that their children are being treated fairly if they have been charged. Therefore, they may wish to gain more knowledge on legal proceedings in order to help move their children in the right direction.

This task may be on the minds of multiple parents in Florida after several middle school students were charged in separate, but related, incidents. Reports stated that a 13-year-old student had taken a teacher’s car keys and later took the vehicle on a joyride. The vehicle was left near the school afterward. As a result, the student is currently facing a charge for grand theft of a motor vehicle.

In the other incident, it was reported that five students were involved in a fight. The fight purportedly occurred because the students believed that another student had told on the alleged joyrider. The victim was punched and stabbed during the incident but reportedly suffered only minor injuries. That incident led to felony aggravated battery charges being filed against the students involved.

The parents of the children involved in these incidents likely want the legal situations to be handled in the best manner possible. Therefore, they may want to determine which options may work in the best interests of each child involved. Juvenile crimes can come with hefty punishments, and parents may be interested in information on criminal defense strategies and how those defenses may be presented in Florida court.

Source: naplesnews.com, “Florida middle school student charged for taking teacher’s car for joyride”, March 12, 2016


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