Drug charges filed against 2 men in Florida

Criminal investigations can sometimes span months or even years before authorities act on suspicions of illegal activity. Unfortunately for two men in Florida, an investigation recently led to their arrests on drug charges. Reports stated that authorities allegedly discovered that narcotics were being sold from a residence where the two men were, but it was not clear how police came to suspect this activity.

Police acted on a warrant in order to search the residence, and during that search, they allegedly found two weapons. Authorities also searched a vehicle purportedly driven by one of the men, and they reportedly found cocaine and cannabis inside. It was noted that when the SWAT team arrived at the home, the two men allegedly attempted to flee the area.

Nonetheless, both men were taken into custody. They were reported as being 19 and 25 years old. Each man is currently facing charges for cocaine possession, resisting arrest, possession of drug equipment and maintaining a drug dwelling. The 19-year-old man was also charged with probation violation, and the 25-year-old man is facing additional allegations as well, including another count of cocaine possession.

As their cases proceed, the men will likely want to determine which avenues may be most suited to their particular cases. They may choose to defend against the drug charges, and if so, they may want to learn more about the potential courses of action they could follow in order to create and present a meaningful defense. Furthermore, they may each wish to consult with experienced defense attorneys in order to gain legal insight about Florida criminal proceedings.

Source: staugustine.com, “Law and Order: 2 arrested on drug charges after SWAT raid”, April 8, 2016


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