Drug charges leveled against man after search of Florida home

One man in Florida may be hoping to find out more information regarding his legal predicament after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man is facing drug charges after police performed a search of the man’s home. Authorities had apparently received complaints pertaining to drug sales at the residence. It was unclear how many complaints were received or whether evidence was provided to substantiate the claims.

Nonetheless, while searching the home, police reportedly found marijuana, a scale and other drug paraphernalia and equipment. There was also purportedly a safe inside the residence that required a combination before it could be opened. The man allegedly told police that he would give them the combination if he could keep the money that was inside the safe. Once the safe was opened, authorities reportedly found $915 and marijuana inside.

Due to the results of the search, the man — who was reported as being 19 years old — was taken into custody. Reports stated that he was held without bail on charges of marijuana possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. It was noted that he was also charged with probation violation.

Facing drug charges can be a complicated situation for anyone. Therefore, the man may wish to better understand his predicament in order to hopefully gain a grasp on how he may handle the allegations brought against him. Information on Florida criminal proceedings as well as legal strategies may allow him to determine what courses of action he may want to follow as his case moves forward.

Source: dailycommercial.com, “Drug suspect offers police safe combination in exchange for money”, Millard K. Ives, Feb. 25, 2016


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